Wednesday, August 19, 2009

little michael melts my heart

hey girls, how are you today? i spent a very very happy day with rachel, we had breakfast then went for yoga, then lunch then waited for her 5yo son, micheal to come back from school, then watched cartoon network, then went grocery shopping at taka then back to rachel's place to cook...

well, they cooked haha, i entertained micheal. mm.. or rather he entertained me. he is such a lovely soft spoken kid. i adore him. we played 'tom and jerry' = chasing around the house, played magic, he demonstrated 'trikonasana' LOL... and then he wants to share his ice cream with me. i said oh its ok, you can have it. he said 'come here suyin! you have to try it and see if you like it.' then he fed me and then looked me straight in the eyes and asked me 'do you like it?' you know i could tell from his eyes that he was hoping that i will like it, to like something that he likes too.

'do you like it?' - the question might seem like nothing in our adult world... but when you hear it from a kid asking you with such innocence and showing such a genuine concern over my liking for his ice cream. the warmth that exudes from the question just touched me right through. his willingness to share from his own heart, no one asked him to share with me.. you know how so many kids are being 'remote-controlled' by parents to share, to do this, to do that. seeing little micheal acting out of his own will, such sweet little acts, just totally moved me.

then after i tasted the ice cream, i told him 'i love it! thank you!'. he smiled ever so brightly and fed me another spoon. aw..... that just totally melts my heart.

i am again reminded to live totally in the present, with awareness, moment to moment. michael gave me total attention when he played with me. of coz he also gave 'tom & jerry' his total undivided attention when he watches cartoon network, nothing can distract him. haha.. but hey this is living in the now.

and when i left, he didnt even care becos he was eating his second bowl of ice cream! 100% into his ice cream... 'i am eating my ice cream so i am totally eating my ice cream'. his mom asked him to say bye to me, yes he did exactly that, but with his eyes glued to his ice cream. haha.. this is so cool. thank you for the live demonstration of living in the now, guru micheal.

p.s. to rachel, i am so proud and happy for you for raising such great kids, david and micheal. i am so happy to have dinner with your whole family tonite. i see it and i am ready to receive it. thank you.


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