Monday, January 05, 2009

adding the icing!

HELLO hows it going? the sky is blue today with lot of sun! temperature around 15 degree over here. lovely day!
hey girls, you know i always have so many ideas in my head when i am shooting the clothes but i just dun have the time to show you everything. i wish there is another suyin really. as you know, we are already sometimes (or most of the time, hehe) late in our launches (mostly due to me taking too much time to shoot and all that layouts) but we really want to continue doing what we believe in and what we love. SO what we intend to do this year, is to share some styling tips with you on this blog. oh i really hope to do this regularly for your girls at every launch at least on some items. YES I SHALL DO IT!
you know you can always just pick a top and match it with a bottom, easy. but what i think is interesting (and challenging) is how to gel the two together with accessories and little touches (it may be folding the sleeves up just a little) to create that icing on the cake. AESTHETICS! thats what makes dressing up fun right! sometimes we may get it wrong, oh well just run straight home after work or school that day then. haha i remembered doing that. at the end of the day, its all trial and error. in life too. isn't it? just make sure we learnt from the past and MOVE ON! : )
this is the flowery dress i was talking about last nite. my favourite item! i like to match it with black legging or stocking, maybe you can also try it with that faded skinny jeans we launched earlier (i cant remember the item no.) if you want to go for a more casual look. but the thing to keep in mind is, when the top is volumy, keep the bottom defined. maybe add a small sling bag across, but nothing too colourful or fanciful. keep it plain, you want the top to be the focus.

this orange dress, simple nothing too complicated. there is an elastic just below the chest (for those who have more curves, i think this piece will look really sexy and hot), also there is plenty of room to hide the tummy or to show off the tummy (for pregnant ladies i thought this is quite a nice piece too)

another simple dress i think which is appropriate for cny (i prefer the black n white one though) but if some of you might want some colours for cny. after cny, you can easily turn this piece into a work piece by you can also wear this dress under the black blazer, i have no time to shoot that combination. but please try it!

oh i also like this piece. mm i wish you can see the real piece! i kind of like check lately. i also like the feminine feel about this piece with the little corsage and the ruffles at the back. but i like to clash match this with black skinny, add a teeny weeny bit of ruggedness to it. i wouldnt go all feminine with this blouse (i mean matching it with a skirt), oh well you can. everyone has their own style. i would also try tucking it into a high waist black pencil skirt for work, complete wit a belt and heels. hair sweep back in a neat ponytail. : )
stay tuned, tmr i want to talk more about the work pieces in this launch!
p.s. oh i am so excited! tonite i am going for my first hatha 2 class 90mins! yeah!


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