Sunday, January 25, 2009

gung hey fatt choy

GONG XI FA CAI! wishing all of you prosperity and abundance. i originally planned to go home to spend cny but i realised that i need this holiday break to PACK! haha so much stuff to pack and moving into lamma, mm.... not as easy as i thought. oh well its easy if you are moving into a fully furnished place. i am lucky, its half furninshed. i only need to coordinate the move of my used bed which i bought from a girl moving out of lamma (becos buying a new bed from say ikea and then moving from hk island by ferry then by small vehicle up the hill to the new place at lamma, is going to cost a bomb!). oh this is good, everything is recycled. i am going to have a lot of fun doing some home styling with a mix of very different furniture. oh yes and with lots of plants! YEAH!
KYURII NEWS, our next launch is next monday! ok you girls have fun! i will be shooting, packing and yoga-ing, woohoo!


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