Thursday, January 01, 2009

happy warrior

hello everyone! happy new year! today i spent my first day of 2009 immersed in yoga. like what maurice, my teacher said in class today, every day is a new day, every day is christmas, every day is a new year, every pose is a new pose, relook at each pose like a child again. sometimes when we are so used to certain things, routines or even people, we think we know everything and everyone close to us. but hey, do we?
''warrior 1.. (oh i like that pose, i know that step right leg out, heel to heel alignment, front leg bend, back leg straight, hands up) ''is your front knee over second toe? back leg straight and strong, even weight distribution between both legs, hips squared, lift the toes off your front leg, ground the four corners of your feet down firmly, then relax your toes and plant them down again, hands up besides your ears but keep shoulders and neck relaxed, pull navel in and up from below keeping your lowest ribs soft, engage your core, exhale, see if you can bend your front knee lower to 90 degree but without sinking your hip, let the energy flow through from the feet up the spine and through to your finger tips, keep your fingers soft and light, eyes relaxed, soft gaze, jaws relaxed, with a slight smile, please. and are you still breathing? now keep the mighty warrior spirit, and with grace and beauty, exhale and flow into warrior 2.....''
HAHAHA! thank you maurice, for always reminding me of how much more i do not know each pose (and poking my ribs to check if they are soft and checking on those toes.) well i guess life is a little like yoga, its an ongoing journey with endless stuff to master. the more i go into it, the lesser i know.
with gratitude and humility, i dedicate this first blog of 2009 to each and every one who is part of my life. you all bring a lesson with you. its amazing how much we learn just from the people around us.
OK here's wishing all of you the mighty warrior spirit, let's flow with grace and courage into 2009!

p.s. KYURII SALE! 3 more days! sorry guys, i have been doing too much yoga and neglecting my work (no time to launch this week, sorry). i will continue shooting tmr, ok here's our schedule. 2 major launches for cny coming up! note it!
09JAN A - 5 Jan next monday.
09JAN B - 12 or 13Jan


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