Saturday, January 31, 2009

the answer

hahaha! you girls got it right! good eye sight! its funny how they happened to be near objects of their fur colour when i shot this photo. brown cat behind the brown weaved chair, black n white cat behind my black and white checked jacket. black cat.. mm no comment.
originally i only wanted to take a messy move-in-progress shot of the house. when i downloaded the photos, i realised, hey wait a minute, did i see a second cat in there? mm..could all 3 cats be in it? hahaha. i love how B&W is peeping from behind my jacket. oh these little animals, dun they just make your hearts smile? : )

p.s. to jac, the above photo of B&W aka 'Naughty' is specially for you. you missed him a lot yah, maybe he is missing you too. in this photo. he just sat there and stared and stared. maybe thinking of you.....


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