Tuesday, January 06, 2009

tears are good

today i went to collect my xmas present from the post office! so excited, was thinking what the present is as i walked there. THANK YOU, LENG! i love it! mm.. its not what i am expecting at all! haha! i knew it could be a stuff toy or something when i felt that package. but when i took it out, it really made me laugh and also want to cry when i saw it. A HUGE DROP OF TEAR!?! how do you know i have been sheding tears quite a bit lately? its the end of the year, people get depressed (mm depressed is not the right word, emotional maybe). nothing major. part and parcel of being a human. its so comforting when i hold that drop of tear in my arms given by a good freind. what i really like about it is the tag behind that says: HUG YOUR SORROW. come to think of it, we only hug our joy and escape from our sadness. maybe this time, we try to sit with the sorrow, be with it, and feel our hearts soften. let the tears flow and clear our eyes.
p.s. thanks again leng, for MR.TEAR and more so, to our wonderful friendship! aw...it really brings a tear to my eyes. i feel life. i am still thinking why of all things, a drop of tear. its amazing how a gift can be sent to us in a magical way.


Anonymous Gin said...

hi suyin, i really admire your courage in leaving a stable job for your passion and your dedication to yoga. you are an inspiration and i hope only the best for you. life is short, and i say, embrace all that it has to offer good or bad, because that's what made us human. sorrows will make us taste life more vividly so welcome it?

January 07, 2009 10:45 AM  
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