Thursday, January 08, 2009

love or attachment

morning morning! today i woke up naturally at 7am. i love the colour of the sky early in the morning. the special tone of blue that looks and feels so clear. i then walked to starbucks to have breakfast and read. am re-reading 'the power of now' by eckhart tolle. my fren just bought it yesterday and i got into re-reading it again. its nice to read the same book at the same time and be able to talk about it. today i remind myself that i have locked my mind into the locker at the yoga studio, i am letting my heart lead the way in 2009. tessy! i need some space. duno what got into him, he keeps meowing and has to be right besides me while i blog and wants me to stroke him constantly. hey tessy, is this love or attachment? are you just feeling needy and desire my attention and company or are you truly sharing your love with me without askingf or anything in return?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Suyin, could you look out for more of those wide culottes like 08SEP B-12 and 970-08JUN A-10.2 during your shopping trip next time??? really interested in getting them at Kyurii but I'm always too late :(

January 09, 2009 9:31 PM  

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