Tuesday, July 17, 2007

more than just the motorcyle bag

balenciaga has to be my favourite fall RTW collection. i love how he combines the colours and the ethnic prints. you know its so hard to find nice colourful or printed clothes for kyurii, i have been searching high and low but the colours are always matched wrongly, either that or, the prints look awful. it gets really frustrating sometimes. oh we can't wait to be making our own clothes. anyway. take a look at these! love the proportion too.

way to go, nicholas ghesquiere. he is only 25 yo when he headed the house of balenciaga under gucci group. in his thirties now. i really feel something for designers in their 30s. haha. maybe becos i am also a child of the 80s. it will be cool to see where he is taking the brand towards. love this clash of a classic tweed jacket and a sporty pants! love it!


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