Monday, July 16, 2007

sunday at the beach

today woke up feeling a little pain on my feet. they are red from my suntan yesterday. and my tummy too is quite burnt. i joined kym and his frens to lantau island lower cheung sha beach. they went surfing somewhere further down. i suntanned. its good to feel close to nature. my bbq pork belly. this is my first time to this beach and i like it. many ang moh couples or families around, they are much quieter as compared to some beahces where its packed with noisy local teenagers and their blasting radio! so thats great! i actually fell asleep in the late afternoon when the sun is more gentle, with the sea breeze blowing. some cute french guy with his frens on my right. so you can imagine, the sound from the waves, mixed with a sentence or two in french, a distant laughter from kids playing in the sea, how relaxing can it be...the kitten at the food stall on the beach. so cute. nice blue eyes. after the beach, we walk around causeway bay. trying clothes and being goofy in the fitting room at izzue. i asked kym to do some of his favourite pose. so gay. haha. look at that finger! gosh.... yes, that striped top kym tried on is from the ladies section. i end up buying it. for 145hkd, about 29sin. yippee! sale is on. for those who might go to hk at this time, you can check out but i think the clothes from The Collection, their high end line, are more interesting. the rest are just so so. i have to put more moisturizer on my feet now and grab some lunch. talk later.


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