Saturday, July 14, 2007

JUL B preview!

hello ladies, this week we take the japanese styling further to blouses and culottes! as we all know, japanese styling is all about layering, so this collection, we included the different items (from the inner tanks to the outer layer vests) for you to create light layers. we also have some tops and blouses with a slight feminine touch, like this one shown in the bigger photo below. you know i really had a hard time last night choosing which item to get featured bigger, becos i personally like many of them. hehe. we are also excited to share with you 4 different knee-length bottoms, 3 of them culottes and 1 skirt this week. we love to wear them with simple blouses or tanks for a casual, slightly feminine look. great alternative to the usual shorts and mini skirts! and jeans. we hope you like them too! ok guys, this will be the last batch for summer. we hope you all have a great time shopping this collection. we will be back in september (or late august) with autumn trends! meanwhile, stay tuned on the blog, we will continue to fill you up with what we are up to in the month of august.


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