Friday, July 27, 2007

today is a special day

i feel restless today, cant really focus on work. one minute i am working and the next minute, i will be thinking about leekeng and baby kimi. we just exchanged sms. she is now waiting for the C-section which will happen at 3pm. its funny when you know when you are going to deliver, i believe all that waiting and anticipation can get really intense at time. i have decided that i would not do anything at 3pm but meditate on sending out good energy to mother and baby for at least half an hour (my fren said it takes 20 minutes to take the baby out) and yes, i am a new age junkie. i duno why but there are times where i really feel emotional thinking about this whole thing, as if i am the one having the baby! haha. maybe its the effect of the full moon drawing close. anyway. i hope to get some photos of baby kimi soon to share with you guys!!!
'ganbatte haha leekeng to kimi-chan! sugu tanoshimi ni shite iru yo!'


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