Monday, July 02, 2007


we watched shrek last nite. its really funny. i heard transformers is good, but its not showing in hk yet. so what are you guys up to lately? since i am back in hk, i feel kind of tired and lethargic but there is actually a lot on my to-do list. oh well... today is a holiday in hk, and it has been raining quite a bit here, so you know.. the holiday mood plus the cooling weather are perfect excuses for me to take it easy and be a little lazy. i just feel like having a cup of coffee and read a book all day long. oh btw anyone read paul coelho's latest book, 'the witch of portobello'? i plan to get it.
i have been uploading the clothes on yahoo auctions and eating pandan chiffon cake. it is so popular among my frens here in hk. every one who has tasted it love it! so every trip back to hk, i have to buy pandan cake. every trip to singapore, i have to buy 'hang heung lao po ping' wife cakes. haha. trying to take a photo of the fireworks from home last night. happy 10 year anniversary to hk handover!


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