Monday, July 30, 2007

reply reply and more replying

hello guys! i got my first taste of replying emails to you girls out there. mm.. what a challenge for me. to remember all your orders, your names and who has paid, who hasn't, who reserved, who cancelled, who i have replied, who i haven't. i think leekeng's baby daughter will have a super good memory, given all that replying of emails she did when she is pregnant right up to the very morning of her delivery date. 'sugoii ne!'
alright for those who have placed their orders, please allow us a little more time (10 working days) than usual for the delivery process, as I consolidate orders every 4 days and then email Leekeng's husband for him to do the packing under her supervision. and also for repeat customers, i will have to get you to email me your mailing address again, becos i dun wish to bother leekeng too much at this moment. thank you everyone!


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