Friday, July 13, 2007

mittente italia

as i was coming back from my grocery shopping just now, i caught a glimpse of this foreign looking stamp in my letter box. before the lift door closes, i rush out to open my letter box. you see i seldom open my letter box, i only opened it when it gets all busted with letters or in this case, if i sense something exciting. hahaha. i am so happy, the envelope is from italy! i love receiving parcels! it contains a cd from henky! my fren who wrote a book, if you guys remember. this is the second cd he gave me already. and as always, he compiles the songs himself. haha its such an old fashion thing to do, but he is still doing it. thats just so sweet of him. thank you henky. i really appreciate the effort of one writing a simple note, sticking the stamps, and going to the post office to post it. it then travels half the globe, on the plane, or on the ship across the ocean to a different country. the journey of any parcel is amazing.
last friday, i got a jar of candies from kwan. this friday i got a CD from henky. what more can i ask for.


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