Thursday, July 19, 2007

try something new for tomorrow!

just came back from the starbucks near my house. went there to revise my japanese. after that, went to parknshop to get some cat litter and also got a copy of august elle. they did a feature on the hot trends now, and one of them is call 'boho-tec' which is part bohemian and part hi-tech, yes inspired by balenciaga! it says in elle 'take balenciaga's eclectic traveller who throws on a tasselled palestinian scarf with a slim pink blazer, jodhpurs (the new trouser shape) or hippie tie-dye dress. it should all go wrong, but uncannily, it all works togther.' HOW TRUE! i really admire these designers who so effortlessly (and daringly) clash n mix really different items, and then achieve a level of asethetics that is universally acclaimed. its always easy to look safe and beautiful. but it takes originality and courage to create something new or different yet aesthetically pleasing.
ok! lets think of a new way to mix and match our clothes for work tomorrow! something different something you never thought of before. even if you feel your colleagues might have a comment or two. they always do. so what? wear it! inspire them, who knows they might start to put a bit more thoughts into their outfits. its better to be wrong sometimes than to be boring all the time, i think.


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