Sunday, March 25, 2007

what inspired MAR B

these pages from vogue are what led us to come up with this month's selections. we really enjoy being inspired by the ongoing fashion trends! and its really important to us that we are selling clothes that reflect whats going on in the fashion scene now. to me, thats actually the part i enjoy most (i hate the stocktake part most!! haha but i am lucky, i have a fantastic partner!!! thank you, leekeng!) haha. i love to study the trends, selecting the suitable trends and then looking out for the clothes, and finally compiling them and sharing them with you! hey for those who bought the white blouse with trim MAR B-13, you may also try wearing a thin light grey long-sleeve top underneath it (like the bottom left outfit in the above photo), and then match it with the striped culottes MAR B-11. and those who bought the white dress, MAR A-7, you can also try wearing it over a slim white or grey pants (see the nicole farhi dress in the above photo). have fun styling the clothes!


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