Friday, March 30, 2007

henky's la dolce vita

today is my good friend, henky's last day working in the hk advertising industry! (dun get it wrong, its a happy thing!!) next monday he will fly back to roma for 'la dolce vita' (the sweet life in italian).
this is the handsome author, mr henky yu, a very talented and inspiring copywriter who has decided to put his 10 successful years of advertising career behind him, and leave for italy again to live life. he first went 3 years ago to master the italian culinary skills. and this book is about his adventures in the first year over there. the title of the book translated in english is 'a piece of char siew in the coliseum'. a piece of char siew in the hk slang means you are a bit 'blur blur', in our local slang, its almost like 'blur like sotong'. so if henky is singaporean, he would probably titled it 'a sotong in the coliseum'. we had a very mini autograph signing ceremony at my house. hahaha i read 2 chapters every night as my bedtime stories but my chinese is definitely not as good as my frens here so there are so many 4 characters idioms that i dun really understand!! but still, the stories never fail to make my laugh. quick henky! start writing your second book once you are back in roma! oh i am going to miss you henky!


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