Saturday, March 10, 2007

KYURII MAR A just in!

MAR A is finally out! we hope to give it a light airy spring feel (even though there is no four seasons in singapore)! as you browse through the clothes, you will realize a difference in terms of colours in the styling. this season, we combine light coloured clothes with white skinny jeans, grey pants, beige or khaki shorts (rather than black). however that doesn't mean you must put your black skinny jeans aside. black is still around, but you might want to contrast it with white or beige (prefably not with grey, dark khaki or dark blue). and we LOVE t-shirts! the trick is to create layers with them (if not any interesting t-shirts can look rather plain and boring), we love to wear a thin tank top under the t-shirt, or casually drape a light cardigan over the t-shirt! we also have a special accessories selection from H&M amsterdam, antwerp and brussels. all of them going for only S$16! there must be something for everyone! enjoy!!!


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