Wednesday, March 14, 2007


just came back from buying! so happy becos i have been out everyday, instead of being desk bound like last week! hehe. tomorrow i think i will go out and look for clothes again! then i will shoot this weekend. kym is away to pattaya for ad fes (some annual advertising award and seminar thing) till sunday! so i will make use of the weekend to shoot. last nite i had dinner with charles (photographer friend) and carmen, his producer. they just came back from bangkok shooting zhang ziyi. so i 'kay poh' and ask for any gossips. they said that her english is super good now hahaha... with american accent somemore. of coz la, she is rumoured to be with some rich american guy. oh my gosh, i can't believe that i am quite updated with such gossip news! ah!! oh well hk is full of gossip magazines!
charles and carmen are also the guys who did the jay chow shoot for me two years ago. love working with them! tonight dinner with henky, we going for sushi! oiishi ne. ok my favourite japanese cartoon is on tv now!!! ato de!


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