Friday, March 16, 2007

snatch snatch snatch!

i just came back from buying! and this mornig i witnessed my first 'ugly buyer' scene! when i arrived at the shop, there were already more than 10 buyers waiting outside, each armed with a huge black plastic bag, waiting for the new stocks to arrive!! i was told to come at 11am (usually i go on the day where stocks arrive, but not at the exact time). luckily the stocks arrived late, as i was late. then suddenly there was an uproar!! oh finally the new clothes had arrived!! the second the stacks of clothes were dropped onto the floor, the men started ripping off the plastic and snatching (and some pushing here and there) whatever there is inside. and i realized they work in pairs, one will snatch anything he sees, and the other one will see if they are nice. gosh....
i was just standing there behind them watching. its impossible for me to get in! there was another girl who is just as petite as me (when compared to the men) besides me. we looked at each other and sighed. after 30secs, they start to slow down, and we quickly squeeze in from behind. you know i have heard of such scenarios but this is the first time i witnessed one. a little overwhelming for me. however luckily, those men, their taste of clothes is different from mine. so despite them snatching, i managed to get some really nice stuff! thats my harvest for today in the photo above. but i'd better not be late in future, if i had arrived at 1130am, i dun think i will be able to get anything. most of the stocks were cleared by in 30mins. and usually there won't be a second round of the same stocks. thats why, many of you asked us if we can get old stocks, its really hard.
everything just come and go so quickly! mm........... good experience.


Anonymous karen said...

oh dear..these plp sounds scary ha!
So aunty-wan.
Reminds me of those people who barge all out to get dim sums in a buffet.


Where do u get these stocks from? HK?

March 20, 2007 2:35 PM  

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