Saturday, March 17, 2007

i saw the vest!

just browsed through jeanasis japan website and saw their s/s 07 fashion show (jeanasis is one of my favourite retail in japan. its affordable trend. to me, its like the H&M in europe, but with lesser shops) and i saw the cropped black vest that some of you had been asking us to keep a lookout for!! check this out, the fashion show: shop website:
i love the 'nicole richie' look. match it with the tank tops i got (or rocknroll tshirts like you mentioned, karen), combined with skinny jeans and sandals, complete with huge shades. you know.. i have studded belt, i even have a skull scarf which i think will look perfect to create a slightly punk 'nicole richie' look BUT i can't find that tailored vest (at a reasonable price)! argh! i did see one at 'river island' (one of those high street shops) at amsterdam, for 50euros. i didnt get it. this is for marie claire mar uk edition. maybe topshop in singapore has them! but there is no topshops in hk! argh! i like topshop (better than H&M).


Anonymous karen said...

this is really kewl!!
I saw the same picture which gave me the vest craze. Another one was Mary Kate or wassit Ashley and also on Kate Moss.
I love it!
Yeah we have topshop here, but its abit tad too pricey for the vests.
Ho-hum. Hope you could find it real soon!

March 20, 2007 2:22 PM  

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