Friday, March 02, 2007

Special Kyurii News!

1. next week we will be launching the spring 07 collection! are you girls ready?
2. besides the clothes, we will also be having a special selection of tops and accessories from H&M netherlands to spice up your spring look! please watch out for that!
3. to top it up, we have a special discount announcement for you as an appreciation for the support we have been getting from all of you! all of these coming up real soon! returning to my friend's house once again with a h&m bag! haha. h&m is everywhere in europe, everywhere you turn, there seem to be one. oops not only one, seeing 2 or 3 stores in one single street is common. finally saw the full name of H&M in the store in ghent (a nice little university town 30 minutes from brussels in belgium, filled with cool looking students) but i have to say i am not really excited about their latest collaboration with madonna.


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