Friday, October 02, 2009

miss lamma goes out to the city!

haha today evelyn, margie and i went to the city to have a nice meal and drinks. haha.. its funny how evelyn said to me in the afternoon she feels like putting on something a little fancier than usual for tonite. that means, lets be fancy together. if not miss evelyn would look too posh (for lamma standard) on her own. as most of the times, we would be in tank tops and shorts or you know really casual clothes, the lamma outfit we call it. so tonite we decide to all put on our jeans and a going out top (margie in her dress) and sandals instead of flip flops! haha! actually its nothing fancy at all. but to the 3 miss lamma, i think this is the furthest we would go. haha.. we went for a little greek yum yum at soho. the deep fried feta cheese is really good! you should see our faces when we took our first bite. hahaha.. i was the first one 'oh my god.. this is so good' and then evelyn took hers, wide eyes and dropped jaw 'oh my god..' and then margie 'oh my god....' haha.. it was hilarious. we had the same expression. haha you girls are so cute! and we are loving the mojitos. margie swears that its the best she ever tasted. she is the mojito expert. haha... it was a great dinner great food and great conversation.
thank you girls! thank you evelyn for that lovely present.


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