Saturday, October 03, 2009

thank you girls so very much

hey girls thank you for the birthday wishes. i am touched ~_~ i feel we all know each other.

i just finished all the work. i need to start packing now. my flight is at 7:30pm, i need to catch the 4:30pm ferry out. somehow i still cant believe tonite i will be in nepal again, to be cradled in the arms of the snow peak mountains. i will be in kathmandu for about 2 weeks on my own to learn thangka painting, then fly to delhi to meet up with jac, stay for a nite, and then we will take a bus up to dharmasala the next day. we will stay in dharamsala for about 10days. then i will fly back to nepal and stay at the monastery i took my last meditation course at (same time last year)... and soak up everything in the beautiful country before heading back to hk.

i am looking forward to wearing the same few sets of clothes everyday, wearing no make up, having nothing else with me but that backpack, moving from one place to another, having the feeling that i have nothing but everything. i dun belong to anywhere but everywhere. feeling the oneness with people from a different culture, a different country. you know i really like it. a visit to a third world country is extremely humbling. you just forget all your 'worldly' troubles when you see that little half-naked kid casually rummaging through the rubbish to find food, and when we look at him with such sympathy and sadness, he looks back at you with the brightest and most genuine smile you have ever seen. that is the moment when your heart just sobs in silence. for ourselves. what more do we want for ourselves in this lifetime?

to be able to do this sort of trip once a year, i feel blessed. alright! you girls take care of yourself. i will too. i will try to blog as and when i can to share my adventures with you. hugs.

i would like to leave you with this video from mooji . i have been watching a lot of videos of his satsangs. this one moved me a lot. i hope you enjoy and maybe find something helpful from it for yourself, if not, its also ok. just my way of spreading the love with you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

happy bday suyin, have a great holiday too :)


October 04, 2009 12:10 PM  

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