Monday, October 12, 2009

New Oct items!

Hey gals, i am in the process of updating the website. Here's a closer look of some of the items coming up tomorrow.
For those who missed out the previous padded jacket, here's another similar one. This piece comes with a detachable pin corsage.

If you like the previous gold studs cropped jacket, you may also like this piece.

This drawstring pointelle cardigan is my favourite piece of this launch.

This oversized cap sleeve top can be worn on its own with a pair of legging.

I love ruffles and am considering if i should keep this piece for myself as well.

It's all coming up tomorrow. Stay tuned and hope you are enjoying your Mon!

ps: Suyin smsed me yesterday and wanted to say HELLO to you gals. She's enjoying her stay in Nepal and should be flying to Delhi sometime soon (today?). She met 2 westerners who asked her where she got the Kyurii blouse. Haha, lovely! Hope they will help us to spread the words about Kyurii back in their countries.


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