Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Leekeng is back @ work

Hello gals, the short holiday trip was extremely tiring but everything went smoothly. Kimi was having slight running nose and fever before the trip and it really got me worried. Luckily, she recovered in time. For the whole trip, i think Little Kimi loves the hotel most. We stayed in Citadines 8 and the 2 bedroom apartment is cozy and comfortable. Little gal found 3 new games in the apartment and they are:
1) Pressing the number lock on the safe
2) Hiding in the cupboard
3) Swimming in the bathtub
Normally, she would not dare to walk around in an unfamiliar environment but this time, she just walks around the apartment like at home.
Here's Kimi on the flight to Bangkok.
Have you checked out the ongoing Kyurii sales now? If you haven't, items are going fast. Hope you manage to get the items you like.


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