Friday, October 02, 2009

love is all around

hey girls, i am feeling a lot of love lately. and i duno why. nothing particularly happy happened. in fact quite the opposite. haha.. but this thing call love, just takes over me. all the things that my mind used to say about love has all disappeared. this new and real definition of love that i feel now, doesnt know how to plan, strategise, expect, control, weigh pros and cons. it may not live up to the standards of the society but it doesnt care. it stops thinking about her or himself. it cannot. it doesnt know how to.

now i finally understood for myself personally completely totally what j krishnamurti means when he said 'love is the absence of me'!! haha... and then my mind would be stricken (or 'hijacked' is the word my teacher likes to use) by fear, 'shit then whats going to happen to me? i might end up with nothing.' hahaha... how funny. the thought can come, but it has no power anymore.

my mind had lost the battle. the heart won hands down. my heart has come to know that love is not that of the mind, not of logic, reasons, thoughts, desires, nor of self gratification. it belongs to the heart and felt when you retreat to your heart space. cannot be understood from the outside. intangible yet real. haha oh anyway... ok its getting too airy.

hey i am listening to snatam kaur now. this song is exactly how my heart feels right now. i would like to share with you beautiful girls out there. i hope it fills your hearts up with pure, joyful, 'me-less' love! effortless, kind, gentle, unconditional loving which is our truest nature.

we are one
under the sun
let your heart sing it this way
love is something
as free as the wind
we are the people
people of love
let us people love today
we are the people
people of love
let us people love today

p.s. and the first person to love is.... YOURSELF. everything starts from us. and if i can go one step further, everything starts from our hearts. let it shine through!


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