Friday, February 20, 2009

close to nature

good morning girls! i woke up automatically at 7am today. i had a really good sleep. this house is pulsating with good energy! been discovering more and more about lamma everyday. yesterday i received a call to inform me that my cable tv has been downgraded. national geographic is no longer available for me. WHAT!?!?!! that's my favourite channels! what do you mean? 'sorry ms tan, due to some xxxxx cable or xxxxxx satellite which does not cover lamma xxxxx no technical xxxxxx support.' i duno what she is talking about, i only know that everyone in lamma cannot get national geographic!
ok good side of it, i save 40hkd per month. and to think about it, i am living so close to nature now... every nite i nearly step onto some dogs poo, hear wierd insect or animal sounds in the middle of the night, have a live-in gecko who appears every nite to provide some entertainment for the cats, see a couple of mating frogs, colourful birds, butterflies, come summer and maybe i might get to see snakes (oh yes they come out when it gets hot i was told). so right, WHO NEEDS NATGEO ANYWAY?!! i dun need it!
i only need plenty of light and fresh air. meditate...


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