Tuesday, February 24, 2009

DAY 2!

10:00 brunch yum cha. that's the yung shue wan pier at the background where i take ferry everyday. 11:00 straight back to our meeting room.
we found quite a lot of nice stuff yesterday! one of leekeng's favourites! look at her smile. : )
the light from the afternoon sun gave us a lot of energy!
09:00 night falls, we spent the entire day brainstorming except to eat at the village. tiring....
we need a break!! leekeng getting ready....
for yoga!! mighty warrior spirit be with us! confident and determined.
helping us to fly like superwomen! hahaha! alright let me go take my shower and then continue our meeting! goodnite girls, sweet dreams. we would be uploading our 'uncensored' behind-the-blog photos on facebook soon. haha stay tuned.


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