Thursday, February 26, 2009


09:30 breakfast meeting. hearty organic egg omelette breakfast! yummy.
11:00 i love looking at the notice board. here's a interesting one today.

11:20 ferry. after 2 full days on lamma, today finally we went out to the city for yoga! i was dying to get out but leekeng is perfectly happy to stay on lamma. she is so loving this rustic island life. haha i love this photo she took of me, or rather my hair. 03:00. after yoga, we rush back. oh and we bought a lot of lao po bing! its a funny thing, when i go back to singapore, i have to buy lao po bing for singapore frens. when i come back to hong kong, i have to buy pandan cakes for my hk frens. my highest record was 5 pandan cakes and maybe 30 lao po bing. but guess what? leekeng can enter the guinness world record, she bought 30 lao po bing and 30 egg yolk pastries! altogether 60! + 10 (for us to eat tonite) = 70!
the slope leading up the house. its no wonder i am eating like 5 meals a day. ok goodnite girls, we need to continue. i shall end today's blog with this lovely photo. doesn't feel like hong kong at all.


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