Saturday, February 28, 2009

DAY 5 last day

today is the last of our annual kyurii retreat. leekeng will leave tomorrow back to singapore.
10:03 we had breakfast at delilamma this morning and noticed a lot of flowers as we walked back. this is one of them, aren't they beautiful? little things in nature has enormous beauty, if only we see them. 11:00 back to our meeting room. today we discussed about figures! which is something we are both bad at. my head felt so heavy all afternoon... check out the number of bananas we consumed. haha i am only interested in clothes! leaving leekeng to work out what budget.. what figures... what P&L... i dun wan to know! haha.. 04:30 yeah! end of meeting! to the city for kirtan (yoga for the heart) at pure central studio. love the sparkling sea....
leekeng took the grey quilted shoulder bag. she wants me to tell you girls that she will be emailing to those who have ordered this bag soon, becos we successfully secured extra stocks! all 3 colours, black, dark brown and light grey! : )
we dun want to be carrying the same bag. so i use our sophie black tote instead today. : )
this crochet top is one of my favourite new items in the coming launch! hehe i cant wait so i have to wear it today. the white knitted top that leekeng wore is also a new item. hee... we are feeling happy in them! ok i need to sleep now. tomorrow we have to wake up at 7am, have breakfast then take the 8:40am ferry. after sending leekeng to check in, i will be off to one more buying trip.
lastly, it has been such a wonderful 5 day, working hard everyday. and also a precious chance for us to spend some time together to reminisce and laugh about the crazy things we used to do when we were younger. one more fond memory to add on to our friendship which is more precious than any amount of clothes that we can ever sell. thanks leekeng, for being my buddy all these years.


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