Thursday, February 26, 2009

DAY 3!

10:00 we started the day with a hike to the nearby tung o beach. it was a beautiful stretch. i love this photo we took. reminded us of our school days where we often hang around at east coast beach. 12:00 lunch leekeng cooked instant noodles with fresh vegetables we got from the village.
01:00 housework time. so much clothes to wash! leekeng is really into it. she admited that she likes doing housework. she has been washing and hanging my clothes for me. hehe.
02:00 START WORK! today the sun is very bright, we decide to move into the little room. more brainstorming, discussions, so much we want to do, to improve, woah! headache. ok relax, breathe, one step at a time, so much to learn as we go along. we are not born to run a business. where's the yoga mat? we need another yoga break. hehe.
we have been in lamma for 2 whole days without going out to the city. and leekeng is really loving this kampong life and the little room. when i look up, the blue sky above lamma really fills my heart with joy and peace. 09:00 went down to the village for dinner and drinks. another long but fruitful day. goodnite.


Blogger ming said...

Leekeng looks like a korean :) pretty~

February 26, 2009 1:18 AM  

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