Saturday, February 28, 2009

Kyurii Item updates!

GOOD NEWS! we got in extra stocks for our favourite bag! in all 3 colours! for those of you who are already on waiting list, you should be hearing from leekeng soon! and for those of you interested, you can place your order straight from WWW.KYURII.COM now!
p.s. phew! you cant imagine how relieved we were when we secured these extra stocks. the items just move so quickly. once sold out, they will not be replaced as new items will arrive, come and go, in and out. i have to keep up with the hong kong pace! sorry to those who are not able to get that 09FEB A-10.2 purple flower dress. i know how frustrating it is. it happens to me here in terms of buying too sometimes, the hong kong buyers they are really fast. in future, we will try our best to launch as simultaneously as possible so that we will not fall behind as its hard to re-order once that happens.


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