Sunday, September 30, 2007

being good

i have been really good these 3 days, been wearing my glasses and staying away from the computer to give my eyes a well deserved break, which proves to be tough really. the 1am sleep deadline i gave myself is almost impossible to meet, even with medication. i slept around 2am.
i stayed at home on fri, sat and today, cleaning the house a bit, indulging in nat geo and cooking pasta. this morning, i smashed up tomato sardines from the can and made myself a sardine ciabatta. the leftover sardine, i used it to make myself sardine spaghetti for dinner. mm... spaghetti is al dente, added a little ketchup to the sardines, mm.... tasted ok, not too bad.
i can't wait to go out tomorrow! public holiday here tomorrow. my fren went to tokyo! i also want to go! eirma told me she really likes the clothes this weekend! yippee! thanks jeann for your encouragement, leekeng forwarded me your sms. and i realised i spelt embroidery wrongly! this is the correct spelling. sorry for the random list of thoughts here. have a great week ahead! kym discovered his photo on juice hk, together with ar-ho, his colleague from leo burnett, they were at the opening of 'bande a part' (means 'band of outsiders' in french) exhibition @ agnes b. it features 10 photographers capturing the New York underground scene from the late 60’s to the mid 80’s. still on at the agnes b's librairie galerie (wanchai) till 10th Nov.


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