Friday, September 21, 2007

blueberry night

oh how glad i am to be home! there is a lot of people everywhere i go. this afternoon, i went to kowloon tung for a meeting with the web people. the mtr station is near a university, so at around 5pm when i left, it was jammed with students. i had to squeeze into the train. then i alighted at causeway bay, which is again, as usual, packed with people. but becos i live in happy valley, to get home, i usually have to get to cwb to take a 3min tram home. by the time i am on the tram, my head is throbbing like crazy.
kym is off to his war game tonight. i am going to work. but now i am going to take a nice long shower, then put on my eye mask, eat some blueberries (heard that they improve eyesight, my eyes are so tired lately from working too much on the computer), and update leekeng on this afternoon's meeting. i desperately need to sleep early tonight. ok you guys have a great weekend!


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