Sunday, September 30, 2007

nicholas again

Someone left a comment about nicholas ghesquiere of balenciaga. i decide to google him again and found this very interesting interview taken from new york times, comes with a photo of him. here is a little of the interview. Quote:
''Q: Your fall collection took on multiculturalism. This is big issue in fashion — specifically its lack of representation. There are so many unaddressed issues, like the rich-poor divide, the fact that more and more people will be living in cities. Why did you go in this direction?
A: It started with the street, really, and it’s been a long time since the street was inspiring. I wanted to show a luxury style in the street? Why should street wear always be casual? My ideal was a mix-and-match — you want to see a girl in that type of jacket but with a real sense of luxury and quality. We are so much into a total look. You have to wear that type of shoe, that dress. There are a lot of stereotypes now in fashion. I wanted to make another proposition.''
to read the whole interview, click on the link below.
to see his RTW 07 collection, go to now i cant wait to see his spring 08 collection. i have been checking on almost daily.


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