Saturday, September 29, 2007

swollen eye

i had an eye infection yesterday. i woke up in the morning, rubbed my eye and suddenly i feel that its kind of swollen. ah! scared the hell out of me, when i saw in the mirror that my right eye lid is swollen. rushed to the doctor, to find out that some germ had gotten into my eye through my rubbing. he told me not to work for long hours in front of the computer and to sleep early. haha these are exactly the 2 things i have not been doing lately. so finally i decide to give myself a one day break yesterday. did not even switch on my mac. was feeling drowsy most of the time, due to the medication. the swelling had gone down last night.. so phew.. if not i wouldnt be able to do any shooting. all is well now, but i had better watch my hours over the computer, and sleep by 1am latest. i dun need to be sick again to know when to rest.


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