Wednesday, September 26, 2007

i ate 2 hairy crabs for dinner

happy mid-autumn festival to all. have you had your mooncake? i have not. haha. its a public holiday today in hk. last night after dinner with kym's family, we went to sheung wan to buy lanterns! i bought the typical white rabbit-on-wheel lantern. its very typical in hk. then we went to cwb, packed with people who went to victoria park to see the lantern show. the cats checking out the rabbit when i got home. today i woke up at 12noon! slept at 3am last nite. hehe, not working but watching nat geo. i am a documentary junkie. after lunch, i worked on some upcoming layouts, then went out for dinner with kym's family again for hairy crab 大閘蟹! i am not really a big fan of the hairy crab, but i find many of my frens here love it. i am more into our chilli crab! yum! oh i also miss the crab bee hoon soup that leekeng brought us to eat at toa payoh. kym's uncle in the background is a self-confessed hairy crab addict, he is the one who suggested tonite's hairy crab feast. it took me almost an hour to finish dissecting the 2 crabs, armed with plastic gloves and scissor and a tool to dig out the tiny pieces of meat. after a while, you start to get the hang of it, it can be quite fun.


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