Monday, September 24, 2007

Whats coming up for Kyurii?

hello, another beginning of a new week! hope you guys are all doing well on a monday afternoon. i hope you guys like the new clothes launched yesterday! some of you might have noticed that on our special item of the month, we have the word 'basics' on the photo. thats becos we have started a new line! a new basic line consisting of simple clothing. we are currently working our ass off, trying to meet the deadline. for now, i better go eat my late lunch. starving.. then straight back to work! oh i think my dark circles are showing in the photo. please don't click to see bigger photo (but i think the moment i write this, you guys should be clicking on it. haha) but seriously we weren't expecting to use the photos i took in bintan for kyurii, if i had knew, i would have put on my make up. but what the heck, thats the essence of our basics line, maybe. raw, natural, unstyled, complete with dark circles.


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