Monday, September 17, 2007

my holiday is over

i am back in hk, after spending 16 days in singapore. the first 10 days was work, work and work! but the last 6 days was great fun! i brought kym around, or rather my frens brought us around. i felt like i am half a tourist. so many new things happening. i finally went to the new esplanade, the revamped clarke quay, saw the merlion, went to the night safari and the day zoo (kym is crazy over animals, now he is saying he wants to go night safari again, we arrived late). my favourite animal, the pygmy hippo!! i am thinking if i should adopt one at the zoo, to help the conservation as there are only less than 3000 in the world. there are 3 in the zoo, this is the photo of the baby one. excited over the emu, as he is australian. so ok understandable. kym showing off his well-coordinated boxer with mr. leopard and the bin. he actually urges me to shoot these photos for him. i really wonder if he really planned to wear that pair of boxer to the zoo or it was just a we also wanted to go dempsey, sentosa for 'cafe del mar' but had no time. just too rush. we only managed to do clarke quay, clubbed at MOS till 4am in the last nite. first time i saw kym danced, haha! we really had a great time at the main arena. the hip-hop room smoove is also good! but rather disappointed with the music they were playing and the room is rather stuffy. i really love dancing! especially when its done once in a blue moon and you just let yourself loose on the dance floor! luckily the next day our flight was at 3pm. i wish i had taken some photos there. i brought kym to bedok to try out some local fare, first time for him to try chwee kueh and soon kueh, and my favourite fish soup! yummy! wish we have it here in hk. me (in my 'open your heart' tshirt plus the new kyurii skirt coming up next week, sorry its blocked by the table) pigging out with my fren in east coast. oh look out for me if you guys happen to flip through juice mag, they shot us when we were in orchard. then outside heeren we were approached by some fashion students for a photo. i was wearing my new kyurii top (coming up next month) and the black leggings from last weekend's collection. after that, we headed for leng's house to play with baby shahn. how fast she grew from the last time i saw her. it should be a wonderful trip for kym. his 3 big-time hobbies are all accomplished in this trip. he loves to observe animals and play with babies and look at pretty gals (so many of them in MOS). oh and also he loves the beach, we went to bintan. and as for me, i feel i know singapore much better this trip. yeah!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like your gray dress, is it from Kyurii?



September 19, 2007 11:26 PM  
Blogger Suyin @ Kyurii said...

hi dellia, yes its from kyurii. others also asked abt the top, so i decide to blog about it today. thanks!

September 20, 2007 4:42 PM  

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