Sunday, February 25, 2007

day 5,6,7,8

i am back in amsterdam, after 5 days in belgium with hoiming and baldwin, my friends from hong kong who are currently living in london. we visited antwerp, brussels and ghent. dead tired... after days of walking. i need to get some good rest today and then continue exploring the rest of amsterdam tomorrow! bought a few really cool vintage pieces from antwerp at really cheap prices! and of coz check out the stores of the famous antwerp six designers. outside ann demeulemeester store in antwerp. my favourite of the six. but f**king expensive. martin margiela store in brussells. ring the bell before you enter! even the calculator the sales girl is using is painted white. the mineral water dispenser is fitted with a white cloth, just like the circuit board outside the store. COOL. for kym, look at the cat's face. hahaha!


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