Thursday, February 08, 2007

my current favourite model,

olya ivanisevic. born in belgrade, serbia & montenegro. oh she looks so good!! I WANT HER HAIR!!!!!!!!!! today i did one whole day of shooting. so damn tired now. started at 12noon and just ended at 5:45pm. then i had tea, then i went on to check out the fall collections. derek lam is out. i quite like it. and then i start to do this montage of olya. i love montages. then now i think i am going to not do anything for a bit.
oh i am looking forward to my trip, i leave next wed on valentine's day (mm.. so i will only have lunch with kym that day). therefore this coming launch before cny is our last batch of clothes for feb before our BREAK! oh i can't wait! but now i need to do the layouts for feb b! watch out!


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