Sunday, February 04, 2007

Preview for Kyurii Feb A!

'hi girls! after a crazy busy week, we finally made it this weekend! here are some of our thots for FEB A to share with you. we want to do a special cny selection, however not based on the usual reds. we wanted a colour palette that can last through the entire spring (as red is almost out for now). we also wanted the clothes to NOT be 'i-bought-this-specially-for-cny-and-i-won't-wear-it-anymore' type of clothes. therefore after flipping through the fashion mags, we decided to go ahead and do a trendy yet practical 'blue and a little yellow' palette that will take you through the whole of spring!'

p.s. however the only disappointing thing is, we can't find any nice yellow pieces that meet our very high aesthetic standard. hehe. but if you come across any, do give it a second look. as asians, we are quite afraid of yellow becos of our skin tone, however with the right touch (add more pinkish tone to your make up, instead of the earthy tones), yellow might just rock!
finally, we hope in some ways, we have inspired you on your next outfit! have fun exploring the 2 colours!


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