Saturday, February 17, 2007

day 2

yesterday i had a great day exploring the city by the canal cruise. the weather was great! and it has been since i arrived. feel really blessed. its just a beautiful beautiful little city, i love the quaint little houses by the gracht (which means canal in dutch). everyone is different, and in theh olden days, they were not numbered, and are recognisable soley by their appearance (the colours, the carvings on the wall). i also went to check out the van gogh museum, which holds about 200 of his paintings. i love the park outside the museum, i can't remember the name. but its really cool big space, with many kids ice skating on the ice ring, and dogs running freely in the park, people sitting on the benches or grass enjoying a relaxing moment.

this is the huge park outside the van gogh museum. no one to take photos for me.. so had to rely on the timer.
today we are going Den Haagg which is an hour away frm amsterdam, to have reunion dinner with yew kee's asian friends. we have to make dessert. and now its already about 10am! after this email, i should go wash up! and ready to go! see you!
photo of the day: i just love the bare trees..


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