Monday, February 19, 2007

day 4

gong hey fatt choi! everyone! this morning to feel a little more chinese new year, i went to see the windmills! haha! in hk, they go to the temples to turn the windmills to have better luck. so i went to zaanse schans, its about 15 mins from amsterdam. 6 windmills there, went up into one which is call 'The Kat' (cat in dutch) and at the ticket booth, there is literally a cute little black cat there greeting the visitors. one thing i wish i did, was to go there earlier, later in the afternoon, more and more tourists arrive.. ah......
i feel so good today! i did not get lost! i am beginning to know my way around, how to walk to the train station from yew kee's place and walking around without looking at the map feels really really great! to kym, this is where i was when you called. ar. hehe. funny.


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