Thursday, February 01, 2007

'IT' bag

when i was coming back to hk, i saw one of these on the luggage conveyor belt at the airport. this rafia bag (call 'hong bak lam' in hk, that is red, white, blue' in cantonese) is the inspiration for the latest louis vuitton east west shopper. the brandless one costs like 5hkd for a small one, which is 1 sin dollar. while this LV one is made of woven leather, costs 1300pounds and above. being from advertising, i can't help but think of how bloody important branding is. this is really a damn good example of how far you can go if your branding is successful. anything you put your brand to, will be turned into gold. anyway. this morning, i had my nonya rice dumpling from singapore for breakfast! ooohh... so happy.
p.s. oh yeah H&M is coming to hong kong!!


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