Friday, February 16, 2007

Hello from amsterdam!

ater a nearly 4hr flight from hk to singapore, followed by a 13hr flight, i am finally in amsterdam yesterday! the weather was fantastic, the sun is out, its about 5 degree. not as cold as i was expecting! thi is yew kee'e 400yo house in jordan. the stairs are so steep you cant believe it! and the walls are slanting! look at that.
it is now about 830am now, and i am ready to check out the city. yesterday i took a walk around and nearly got lost, haha when kym called, i was trying to find my way back to yew kee's house. the spelling is crazy over, i mean the names of the streets everything in dutch.. and when they speak, they sound like they are abou to spit something out! so many GRRRRRAAAAAAT, and straat which is street. dog's poo and canals everywhere.. and bikes and tulips. its the tulips season. i want to exlore on bike too. Alright! i need to go wash up! and go out!!! talk later!


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