Sunday, March 28, 2010

i moved in smoothly!!

this is taken on moving day. i already dumped or gave away many stuff but it seems like i still have quite a lot... well after all its been 10 years in hk. the movers lined up all the stuff waiting for the VV (the only vehicle you can find on lamma island, used for transporting goods). at the new place! spacious living room for shooting! yeah! haha tessy and the other 2 cats are loving this place. i am surprised how quickly they settle in. tessy even went round the patio to sniff it out. i can sit here and paint, facing the beautiful trees. this is the patio at the side. shifted the bbq pit edwina bought here, so that we can hang a hammock at the front porch. the evening light... i need to get used to this house. it is much more open than my previous one. any of my guests can open the gate themselves (sometimes i dun hear them opening) and then they suddenly appeared at the sliding door (like the man who delivered gas to the house yesterday! ah!) haha.. i had better be properly dressed all the time. every house has its own character. yesterday and today when i came back from the village, i saw my neighbour's dog coming out of the house. haha.. as if he is my dog coming to the gate to greet me. he is so cute. his name is 'koo koo'. haha.. i feel i am to experience living with openness and complete trust in this house. one with the insects. one with the trees. one with the sky. one with everyone. i feel this is an open but very grounded house (thats good). becos its on the ground floor with lots of big trees around (the roots help to pull the energy downwards when one gets too airy fairy. haha my own theory). staying open and flexible but grounded with strong principles. this is a very important spiritual practise for me. and yes of coz, the prayer flags are up! yeah so happy! it makes such a difference to the house. i feel this house is totally protected and blessed. like there is an auspicious aura surrounding this space. i am so lucky to have them blessed by thrangu rinpoche. i have to personally say thank you to him when he comes to hk end of next month. and flying in the wind, bringing blessings to all of you in singapore... and everyone everywhere! i am having a housewarming plus yanyan's birthday party this fri! all the guests can then write their names on the blessed flags. i have written mine down already. it is guru rinpoche mantra printed on the flags which help to remove obstacles that hinder us towards the path to enlightenment. hee.. may all of you reading now, receive the blessings too. ok i am going to take an early night tonite and start shooting tomorrow for the new launch coming up this tuesday! love to all...


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