Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Updates on new items!

hey girls, leekeng just told me some of the items are sold out. i am going down tomorrow morning to try to get backorders. therefore for those who couldnt manage to get what you want online today, please email leekeng and let her know. we will try to get them for you! here are the sold out items. and yes, we are selling the white weaved belt i wore in this launch (see below pix right top). heehee sorry girls, i forgot to do the layout for it. please email leekeng if you would like to get one. limited qty. its the same price as the other new belts at S$14.90. thank you. layout coming up soon.
extra stocks are also in for our best selling summer belt haha!

you have to try this dress with this dark brown leather corset belt S$14.90 very very good price for a corset belt! haha..


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