Monday, March 22, 2010

Kyurii Preview! and Pre-order!

hey girls, ok here is the dress! i love the colours. so summery.. and since i am moving this week, so very busy! we will do a small basic launch of a very practical item to have in our wardrobe - tank tops! this is one of our best selling items. this summer, we got some new colours: coral, jade!
lime green! i think its a great colour for spring and summer! so fresh! same colour as my windmill. haha and light grey! OK 4 new colours to choose from this summer! i love the coral one best hee.. besides that, for the colours which were sold out earlier, we also got them in! purple, white and charcoal. ok just discussed with leekeng, we will do a special 2 for S$28 price for these tanks! the usual price is $16 each. now you save S$2 each. hee.... thank you! all these items will be up by tomorrow morning! dont miss them!

OK! as for today! these new belts (S$14.90 each) are just launched! sorry this brown one is already sold out. i just called to try to get extra stocks in.
thats it for today! have a great week ahead! hugs!

oops forgot to mention the BASIC LAST PC PROMOTION too many things on my mind... ok need to go show the maid the new house to do a thorough detox and then catch the ferry to catch the backorders then immediately come back to pack... woah... haha... see you!


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